Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can Sex Sell Green Products?

This actually gives me ideas for a new pick-up line hehe!!

New research commissioned by General Motors in the US finds that women would be more interested in chatting to a chap in a hybrid car than something with a bit more vroom under the hood. Nothing is more foolish, of course, than when men make grand statements about female desire, and I'm pretty sure this will 'o the wisp will have evaded the marketing droids at GM.
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"The survey even claims that for 45 per cent of 18-43 year-olds, having a car without green or environmental credentials is deeply unfashionable." - A pal of mine says, in his opinion, these women are just trying to appear 'deep', when in fact they look superficial. I guess a woman who had a boob job, nose job, collagen lips, fake tan etc... will look more 'fashionable' in a green car... opposites attract!

"80 per cent of American car-buyers would find talking to someone with a green car more interesting than someone driving a hot new sports car." - Really? 80 per cent? Were those interviewed environmentalist? Wow!

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