Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tips To Get Better Mileage - Save Money On Gas

The best way to burn less fuel is to buy a car that gets better gas mileage. But our tests with a Toyota Camry and other vehicles show there are ways to minimize what you spend at the pump with your current car.

1. Drive at a moderate speed
2. Drive smoothly
3. Reduce unnecessary drag
4. Don't use premium fuel if you don't have to
5. Minimize driving with a cold engine
6. Keep tires properly inflated
7. Buy tires with lower rolling resistance
8. Avoid idling for long periods

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Taking A Gas Holiday This Summer?

High fuel prices will probably keep Americans closer to home this summer, despite the gas-tax "holiday" supported by Hillary Clinton and John McCain that would shave 18¢ off every gallon of gas through Labor Day and save most families an estimated $30 this summer (while costing the government $9 billion). A recent poll by AOL and Zogby found that 30% of Americans have changed their vacation plans because of high fuel prices. On websites like Ecomodder and Daily Fuel Economy Tip, drivers are learning how to save by driving smarter, hunting down deals, finding alternative modes of transportation or, at worst, finding creative reasons to spend less time behind the wheel and more time relaxing. "People aren't canceling their trips outright," says Marie Dodds, a spokeswoman for AAA, "but they are definitely looking into other options." Read more

Green Cars - LA Auto Show, November 2007

Through the eyes of Hank Green, Brotherhood 2.0. Cool!

Paul McCartney Furious Over "Green" Delivery

Musician Paul McCartney was reportedly enraged after his new eco-friendly car was delivered by jet.

The former Beatle was expecting his new $168,000 (€105,562) Lexus limousine to be delivered to his native Britain by ship, but was reportedly reeling in anger after the green car was jetted over from Japan.

Transporting the car by air meant the delivery created a carbon-footprint nearly 100 times larger than if it was shipped to the UK - and McCartney was fuming about the manufacturer's actions. Read more

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cannot Afford A Green Car?

Tom Cochrane likely wasn't thinking about his carbon footprint while singing about driving "all night long" on a metaphoric highway.

But today's environmentally savvy commuters and vacationers place great emphasis on the impact their vehicular habits are having on the planet.

Trading in your gas-guzzling SUV for a fuel-efficient hybrid car is one alternative, but there also are smaller choices mobile Canadians can make involving gadgets and small vehicles that can help lower greenhouse-gas emissions, conserve energy and reduce hazardous materials from piling up in landfills. Read more